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What do our Meals Cost?

04th Oct 2019

Nutritious Meals - Flexible to your needs - no contracts

Our nutritious meals which include a hot meal or salad, plus dessert & juice for $10.  We believe our prices are still the lowest in the market.  Our meals are delivered by professional well trained volunteers direct to the customers home as required with delivery being complimentary.  

We offer peace of mind and regular monitoring at no cost:

  • If one of our customers is showing any physical or psychological decline, we will initiate a review to ensure the customers' needs are met. 
  • Early intervention often prevents falls and or hospitalisation.  Please note that 1 night in hospital costs the government $1,000.  

Food Safety

We believe food safety is paramount and we ensure that all of our meals are delivered face to face to ensure safety and well-being of all customers. 

Flexible to your needs

We are flexible to your needs and dietary requirements and we also don't have any contracts. We are proud to tailor services to suit your individual preferences enabling you to receive meals for as long as you need them with no fixed term contract.  

Nutritional Screenings

Nutritional screenings also take place to ensure overall wellness and that the best possible nutritional support is provided at a local level to maintain your health and well-being.

We know food

We are also proud of the National Meal Guidelines developed by Meals on Wheels and the University of Wollongong.  We are a leader in both food and nutrition and meeting those needs within the community.

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