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Weight loss

26th Nov 2019

Losing weight is generally not recommended for older adults without professional supervision.
While some older adults may have previously been trying to lose weight, or were advised by a
health professional to lose weight in their younger adult life, older age is not usually the best time to do so.

Warning signs of weight loss may include:

  • Clothes are loose and/or people need to tighten their belt
  • Their rings are loose
  • Their dentures don’t fit well anymore

If weight loss occurs in the absence of weight-bearing exercise, the loss of muscle mass is likely to occur. This can reduce limb strength, increase the risk of falls, and reduce the ability to
perform the activities of daily living

Being aware of unintentional weight loss for older adults is very important and should not be ignored.

It is often a sign of poor nutrition and/or an underlying medical condition. In fact, any form
of weight loss in older adults should be reviewed by health professionals such as a doctor and
Accredited Practising Dietitian.