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Volunteer Profile - Laurel King

18th Apr 2019

When you have been a volunteer with Meals on Wheels for 20 years, it’s pretty obvious that you are a devoted community worker.

This is why Laurel King continues to volunteer week after week with Inverell Meals on Wheels:

  1. It doesn’t take long to drop by a meal and speak to someone.
  2. I love visiting to be sure people are safe and well.
  3. I love knowing that I am doing something really good for one hour per day.
  4. The clients are always very appreciative and grateful that a meal is brought to their house each day.
  5. I look forward to meeting our clients every day.

Read on if you want some further wisdom from a twenty-plus-year volunteer!

Laurel makes it very clear that volunteering is very rewarding. When she visits someone’s house, she has learned that it’s not always the best idea to ask how someone is feeling, but instead to ask them questions about what they are doing: “Gee, you’ve got a good spot there!” “Is it nice in the sun?” “Is your book good?”

Knowing that anything could go wrong at any time when someone is elderly, Laurel enjoys knowing that she can keep an eye on the wellbeing of Meals on Wheels clients. Sometimes they are living away from family, and a knock on the door is a lifeline to the outside world. To see their gratitude makes Laurel very happy.

It is a very rare thing to encounter complaints in this space, and such a great feeling to know that you are doing something to brighten an older person’s day. To be part of this rewarding crew of volunteers, that only takes such a short amount of time, call Inverell Meals on Wheels today.