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Volunteer Profile - David Doak

08th May 2019

After a lifetime of farming, what does a man do to fill in his days?

For David Doak, it’s all about community involvement. “Dad always encouraged us to get involved with community and be on various committees.”

David loves Inverell. Originally from Bundarra, when he and his wife Judy moved to Inverell 18 months ago, David needed something to do to keep himself busy. They saw the advertisement to become a volunteer with Meals on Wheels, Judy thought it was an excellent idea, and Beck Brennan from Meals on Wheels invited him to join in.

David asks, “You’ve got to think for yourself—if I was like this, wouldn’t I want somebody to come check on me?” Older people are generally the most courteous people you’ll ever meet, David says, so why not give something back?

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