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Volunteer Profile - Carol Hambilton

03rd Apr 2019

Five perfect reasons to become a Meals on Wheels volunteer

According to Carol Hambilton:

  1. When you have just moved to a country town, and you want to get to know people better, join a volunteer organisation.
  2. “I just love visiting them and catching up with them. They are all so appreciative, of not only the meal, but somebody to come and have a chat with. I really love chatting with them.”
  3. Being able to follow through and help someone else. Some people are still grieving, some are unwell, some are distant from family. Carol says, “It’s nice that somebody is interested in their life.”
  4. Not only this, but Carol finds that she gets back, all the time: “They are interested in me, and I’ve got to know them—you see them around town…you can follow through with them, to some extent.”
  5. Carol appreciates that volunteering contributes to feeling part of the community. “It is a community service, so you’re giving something back. It’s nice to be able to do something like that.”  

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