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Volunteer Profile - Anthony Dale

Inverell Meals on Wheels Volunteer
20th Mar 2019

What Volunteering with Meals on Wheels Means to Me


“Doing it for My Dad”

Anthony Dale’s dad is in his 90s. He tends to isolate himself, not going out of his way to engage with anyone else, and his kids live up to five hours away. Anthony would like to remind us all that social isolation is very real. He volunteers with Meals on Wheels because, “I would like someone from Foster to pop in and see my Dad.”

Anthony started volunteering four years ago. He loves that he can monitor the general well-being of the older people as he delivers a meal, just as he would do for his Dad. He calls it the Pastoral care element, and this gives Anthony a deep feeling of satisfaction.

Finally, it just feels good knowing that a quality meal is delivered each week. “I am doing a service that I would like someone to be doing for my Dad—guaranteeing nutritional intake for the clients.”

Don’t hesitate to become a volunteer today. You will always get more back than you give.

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