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Thick & Hearty Soups

20th Apr 2021

With winter on the way why not have more soups on the menu. Soup meals can be easy, nourishing and enjoyable (and just may restore your energy!). Soup is a good way to get vegetables into your diet.

Hearty and thick soups with plenty of vegetables plus a protein food eg. meat, chicken, fish or milk, can be a meal in itself.

Most soups freeze well so, making more than you need for one meal makes sense. Cook up enough for a few meals and just freeze in meal size amounts for later.

Ready to eat soups are available from the supermarket. Canned, ready to heat and eat soups are easy and extra ingredients could be added to increase their food value and flavour. Add foods that only need to be heated. Examples of suitable ingredients to add include frozen corn and peas, canned legumes such as butter beans, kidney beans or chick peas, canned corn or peas. You could add chopped up cooked chicken. A small can of salmon or tuna could be added.

Have soup for main meals or whenever you feel hungry. Soup is good for morning and/or afternoon tea. You could try this easy and quick ‘energy’ soup and have in between main meal times. Warm 1 cup milk, stir in 2 tablespoons powdered milk plus a sachet of instant soup mix eg. Pumpkin, chicken, vegetable.