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Staying Warm this Winter

08th Jun 2022

Here are some tips to assist the elderly to stay warm this winter.

  • Ensuring their home is well insulated to retain the heat and draft proofing doors and windows.
  • Providing warm beverages such as tea/coffee or a cup of Milo or Soup.
  • Warming the bed with an electric blanket, or by layering blankets rather than using just one heavy blanket or doona.
  • Dressing in layers rather than heavy clothing, and starting with basic thermals such as a vest.
  • Trying to get your loved one to move around, rather than sitting all the time.
  • Supplying a wheat pack, or back/hand warmer which can heated quickly in the microwave.
  • Eating well, for eg. hearty soups which contain nutrients required to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Ensuring your loved one has their flu vaccination before winter, as flu can progress to pneumonia.

Let Inverell Meals on Wheels help you. By delivering nutritious meals, social interaction and a friendly check of a client’s wellbeing, we help people live the lives they choose.

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