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Should I be worried about the cholesterol in eggs?

05th Sep 2019
Should I be worried about the cholesterol in eggs?

The short answer is NO. The cholesterol found in the yolk has next to no effect on blood cholesterol. Eggs can be eaten every day. They can be part of a healthy diet. Eggs are cheap, easy to eat and can be cooked in many ways - boiled, scrambled, poached, made into an omelette, frittata and custard.

The good quality of egg protein is the yardstick by which other protein foods are compared.

Should eggs be stored in the fridge?

If you have your own egg laying hens, freshly laid eggs can be kept ‘on the shelf’ for a few weeks but will keep longer in the fridge. Shop bought eggs are best kept in the fridge as they have been washed and this reduces the natural protective layer or ‘bloom’ egg shells have. Eggs that have been in the refrigerated eggs should be kept in the refrigerator. When out of fridge condensation occurs on the shell. This allows bacteria to more easily get into the egg and cause spoilage. Don’t leave refrigerated eggs out of the fridge for more than 2 hours.

How do I stop the greenish grey colour on the yolk of a hard- boiled egg?

This is caused by a reaction between sulphur in egg white and iron in the yolk. This can be reduced or avoided by not overcooking and cooling eggs quickly once cooked. Hard cooked eggs in the shell should keep for a week in fridge.