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Shopping, cooking and eating independently

23rd Apr 2020

Independence is important for most people, so should be encouraged and supported whenever possible. Not being able to cook, shop or eat independently can increase the risk of malnutrition.

Ideas and services to help maintain independence include:

  • Locate local charity, church groups, government and community services that provide transport and shopping assistance.
  • If you are a support worker, do you do the shopping? If so, it may be possible to take the person you are looking after with you, even if it is only sometimes .
  • People who cannot drive could use a taxi service if finances permit. Most areas would have a taxi service that offers wheelchair transport if needed. For many people, the independence enjoyed is well worth the money spent.
  • Find out which food stores have a ‘phone in’ food order and delivery service. Online food shopping is great for people who use a computer .
  • If people have difficulty preparing food or have limited cooking skills there are lots of fully or partly prepared foods available. Examples include: diced meat, crumbed rissoles, peeled and cut-up vegetables, soup mixes, grated cheese, prepared salads and frozen cooked meals, pre-cooked rice, frozen vegetables, canned creamed rice, custard.
  • Don’t forget finger food. Hands are the easiest utensils for some people to use.
  • Home delivered meals from restaurants or fast food outlets add variety.