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Quick and easy meal ideas

21st Jun 2019

Regularly missing meals can lead to poor nutrition and weight loss.

Having at least one main meal each day would be ideal. Having a delivered meal from Meals on Wheels is a good way to do this.

For other meals why not try some of the following quick and easy meal ideas:

  • Barbequed chicken with bread and butter. Finish the meal with canned fruit and custard. Add some cream if you are losing weight
  • Baked beans on wholemeal toast plus a milk drink and a piece of fruit
  • Scrambled egg with toast. Chopped cooked vegetables could be mixed with the egg before cooking
  • Thick, hearty soup (home-made or canned). Fruit and custard for dessert
  • Melted cheese on buttered toast with a dessert of yoghurt and fruit
  • Sausage roll or meat pie. Follow up with banana custard (chopped banana in custard)
  • A slice of quiche. Finish off with fruit and ice-cream
  • Fish and chips, some fruit and a milk drink
  • A sandwich with flling such as ham, cold meat, egg, sardines, salmon, tuna, cheese or peanut butter

Don’t forget those between meal snacks and drinks. They are so important especially if you are only able to eat small main meals.