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Older people have different nutritional needs

09th Aug 2018

Older people have higher requirements for protein, calcium and Vitamin D than younger adults.  Eating a wide variety of foods, with regular meals and snacks will help to ensure you are getting  all the nutrients that your body needs for good health.

Did you know that weight loss is not a normal part of getting older? In fact, carrying a few extra kilograms is actually beneficial as you get older, it means your body has some reserves to draw from if you get sick. If you’re losing weight it could mean you’re not eating enough. For most  older people weight loss is not recommended (unless done with professional supervision).

Meals on Wheels are designed with older Australians in mind

Meals on Wheels NSW supports the National Meal Guidelines. Meals that meet the Guidelines  are specifcally designed to meet the nutrient needs of over 65’s. A trained Meals on Wheels  volunteer delivers meals to your door (and will stop and have a chat to you too!). The delivery
of the meal is complimentary, and if we notice any physical or psychological decline we will initiate a review to ensure our customers’ health and safety needs are met. Early intervention
can help prevent falls and possible hospitalisation.

We offer peace of mind and regular monitoring at no extra cost.

Meals may be delivered hot, chilled or frozen for you to heat up in your own oven or  microwave. Your local Meals on Wheels service will have a range of foods for you to choose from on their menu, so you can choose the types of foods you like to eat. Most services offer hot meals and desserts, plus soups and juice.

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