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Meals on Wheels provide nutritionally balanced meals

09th Dec 2020

Meals on Wheels provide nutritionally balanced meals for people aged over 65.

Would you rather risk becoming malnourished, or enjoy meals that are prepared according to the National Meal Guidelines for older people? As we age, our nutritional requirements change. Are the meals you are eating providing you with the nutrients you need for healthy ageing? Meals on Wheels have a range of nutritionally dense meals that support healthy ageing for people over 65. Our meals maximise your protein, calcium and nutrient intake to help reduce your risk of falls, infections, hospitalisation and ultimately malnutrition.

For many older people, weight loss meals are not recommended, unless done with professional supervision by your doctor or dietitian, as they may reduce muscle mass, and increase risk of falls, infection and hospitalisation.

For more information about arranging meals for yourself or a loved one, call us on (02) 6722 1951.