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Lesley Wynne

12th Oct 2018

Meals on Wheels – A nice thought that a meal will be delivered to the door

It’s not always easy to forget to be independent—but every Tuesday, Lesley Wynne loves the feeling that comes when she remembers that a meal is arriving today.

Lesley tells us that Meals on Wheels is made up of “nice people doing a nice job.” A variety of volunteers, from all age groups, deliver the meal to her door each week. Lesley would not hesitate to recommend Meals on Wheels to others. “It’s a social connection”, she says; an invaluable extra knock on the door each week.

A warm, nourishing meal delivered to your door is always a welcome sight. Lesley considers the meals to be very appealing. The seasonal menu offers a different meal every week and Lesley will eat half and then eat the other half “when she gets hungry”. When asked what she thinks of the meals, Lesley laughs as she recalls a childhood memory, when an uncle would insist they eat up the food in front of them: “Nourishing and sustaining, my uncle used to say, nourishing and sustaining!”

Meals on Wheels operates due to a tireless band of volunteers. To support and strengthen this valuable community group, call 6722 1951 to become a volunteer or to organise delivery of Meals for your loved one.