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How is your appetite?

08th Apr 2021

Do you:

• Eat very small meals

• Split your ‘Meals on Wheels’ to make two meals

• Only have dessert as your evening meal

• Not feel like eating at all

If you do any or all of the above, you may not be eating enough food to get the nourishment your body needs. So why not try some of the following ideas.

• If you are having very small meals or ‘splitting’ your ‘Meals on Wheels’ try to include a milky dessert such as instant pudding (made on milk), creamed rice (home- made or canned), creamed sago or creamed tapioca, custard. Make custard yourself or buy ready to eat ‘long life’ custard. Try to have at least ½ cup of custard as a serve. Remember to refrigerate ‘long life’ custard once it has been opened.

• If you can’t manage to eat a dessert as well as the main meal then why not have a milk drink to finish your meal. Increase the food value of milk by adding an extra tablespoon (or two) of powdered milk to a each cup of milk.

• If you really are struggling to eat the meat and vegetable part of your meal perhaps (from time to time) a dessert could be the meal. If this ever happens, the dessert would need to be nourishing. This means a milky dessert with extra milk powder, plus fruit and then finish with a milk drink.

• If you are not hungry at main meal times try to have nourishing snacks and drinks throughout the day. Ideas include custard, milky desserts, cheese and crackers, thick and hearty soups (home- made or cans of ‘ready to heat and eat’ soup) and milk drinks such as smoothies or milk shakes.

‘Mini Meals’ from ‘Meals on Wheels may be just right for your appetite.