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Help relieve constipation with fibre and fluid.

26th Sep 2019

FIBRE comes from plants and plant based foods such as breads, breakfast cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables. Animal foods ( meat, milk and milk products, eggs and fish) do not contain fibre.

Constipation can happen if you are not having enough fibre in your diet.

What foods are good sources of fibre?
• High fibre breakfast cereals
• Wholemeal and wholegrain breads
• Fruits especially with skin on. Prunes, figs and pears are especially good
• Vegetables including legumes such as chick peas, butter beans and baked beans

Increase fibre in your diet slowly to help prevent discomfort while your body adjusts. But, fibre does not work alone, it has partner and that partner is fluid. 6-8 cups of fluid a day is the recommendation for most people. Fluids include water, milk, fruit juice, cordial, soft drink, vegetable juice, tea, coffee, custard, jelly, soup and ice-cream.