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Grant for Solar System

19th Dec 2021

After 7 years the smell of fresh home cooked meals will once again waft from the kitchen of Inverell Meals on Wheels, thanks to a $20,000 State Government grant to install a 20-kilowatt solar system to off-set expensive energy costs.

I visited the home of Meals on Wheel last week where work is underway to get the commercial kitchen up and running again, producing nutritious meals for vulnerable members of the community.

Since 2015 Inverell Meals on Wheels has outsourced the production of its daily dinners for more than 90 local clients.

With demand for the service increasing dramatically in recent years the viability of Meals on Wheels operating its own commercial kitchen is once again back on the cards.

To make the kitchen sustainable long-term the board has looked at ways to reduce overheads, one of which is offsetting its power bill which will be significant once the ovens fire back up.

A 20 kilowatt grid, connected three-phase solar system, will give the service the financial buffer it needs.

Being able to cook on site will offer Meals on Wheels greater quality control, flexibility with delivery, and ensure the individual dietary needs of customers are managed.

Meals on Wheels is an important social service and I hope the return of the kitchen gives the Inverell arm the flexibility it needs to expand its reach into the future.

Congratulations to President Aileen Roberts, Manager Beck Brennan and the board for all the amazing work they do in the community.

Adam Marshall press release.