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Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions

27th Feb 2019

Is protein in the diet important for older people?

In a word, YES! As people become older, to help maintain muscle and bone mass, protein requirement actually increases. Muscle loss leads to loss of strength thus increasing the risk of falling. Protein is important for bone health. We all know about calcium for bones but, did you know that bones are about 50% protein.

Try to have a good serve of protein food at each meal. Foods that contain protein include meat, eggs, dairy foods (cheese, milk, custard and yoghurt) and legumes such as baked beans.

Is it OK to miss meals?

Missing meals on a regular basis can lead to poor nutrition, muscle loss and weight loss. If eating three meals a day is difficult to manage, then snacks throughout the day really need to be nutritious and full of protein.

Good snacks include milk drinks include milk drinks, yoghurt, custard, milk pudding eg. creamed rice, commercial breakfast drinks, hearty soup, baked beans, sandwiches or a bowl of cereal.

Can milk be frozen?

Yes it can. When buying fresh milk, look for the 'use by' date to make sure you have plenty of time to use the milk before that date. Even after the milk container is opened, the 'use by' date is valid as long as the milk is kept refrigerated. If you wish to keep the milk past the `use by' date, it is best frozen until needed. Thaw in the fridge for the sake of food safety. It may take a couple of days to thaw (depending on the amount) so, plan ahead.

How long can UHT (long life) milk be kept after opening?

As long as it is kept refrigerated at a safe temperature (5 degrees or below) it will keep for 7 - io days. Only take out of the fridge to use then put straight back (into the fridge)

Are ready made meals a good option if I am unable (or don't want) to cook for myself?

Indeed they are and Meals on Wheels bears witness to this