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Donate to Meals on Wheels

27th Oct 2020

Have you thought of donating to Meals on Wheels?

A common reason not to donate is ‘I don’t know where my money goes’. We at Meals on Wheels ensure all monies raised help us make a real difference to local communities in NSW.

All funds raised from the Donations help us to provide meals as part of the Financially Disadvantaged Fund and support Meals of Wheels Services across the State through training, raising the profile and awareness of the brand and advocating on behalf of all Meals on Wheels Services to Government.

Please find below a list of our current projects and how we use the vitally important donations received:

  • Assisting financially disadvantaged clients
  • Support and assisting the 155 services
    • Food Safety
    • Education and Training
    • Network Support Officers to assist the 155 Services and Management Support online
    • Improving Health through better Nutrition and social interaction
  • Attracting Volunteers in order to sustain the service for future years
  • Funding innovative service models – for the future.
  • Promoting the National Meal Guidelines (launched 2017) to ensure that older Australians are getting the nutrition that they need
  • Raising the profile and awareness of the Meals on Wheels brand and our unique selling point of social engagement through Community Service Announcements
  • Advocating on behalf of all Meals on Wheels Services in NSW to Government.

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