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Be Prepared for Emergencies

23rd Nov 2023

A Collaborative Toolkit for Emergency Services and Home Support Providers

Aim: Support emergency preparedness and build resilience in the community.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Prepare for emergencies.
  • Gain knowledge about local risks.
  • Discuss how to get ready.
  • Get practical and clear info.
  • Learn about available support.

Key Messages:

  1. Emergencies can happen anytime - like heatwaves, fires, storms, and floods.
  2. Know the risks.
  3. Make a plan for what you'll do.
  4. Get your home ready.
  5. Stay aware and help others.

Special Offer:

  • Do one thing to prepare for emergencies.
  • Transport is available.
  • Free checklists and fridge magnets will be given out.

Join Us:

  • What: Morning tea and chat about getting ready for emergencies.
  • When: Thursday, 23 November 2023, 10:00 am.
  • Where: Inverell Shire Library, Campbell Street, Inverell.


Please call 6722 5888 by Friday 17 November 2023

Need a Ride?

Call Inverell Community Support on 6722 5888.

More Info:

Note: This event is funded by the Commonwealth grant under the Preparing Australia program. The views here might not reflect those of the NSW Government.