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Are you eating enough?

02nd May 2019

Because you don’t have much of an appetite, do you

  • Split your Meals on Wheels meal?
  • Save the dessert to have as your evening meal?

If you do either (or both) of these things you may not be eating enough to get the nourishment your body needs SO….

  • With the ‘half a main meal’ have a milky dessert such as instant pudding or creamed
    rice (canned creamed rice is fne). If you can’t manage to eat a dessert, a milk drink would be good especially if you enrich the milk by adding two tablespoons of powdered milk to each cup of milk.

  • If you are having only a dessert as your evening meal, hopefully it will be a milky dessert with lots of custard. Custard is easy these days as you can buy ‘ready to eat custard’. Remember that Long Life (UHT) custard must be refrigerated once it has been opened.
  • If you are just not hungry at meal time, keep milky drinks and desserts in the
    refrigerator to have throughout the day. Nourishing snacks are really important for people with little or no appetite.

Don’t forget that you can order ‘MINI MEALS’ from Meals on Wheels and these may be just right for your appetite.