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Volunteer Luncheon 2018

23rd Nov 2018

On the 22nd of November we held our annual Volunteer Luncheon to thank our wonderful volunteers for all they do. In the past year they have delivered over 11000 meals to people in Inverell. With the rise of malnutrition and social isolation amongst o... more details

National Meal Guidelines - Living healthily beyond 65 years of age

14th Nov 2018

Australian Meals on Wheels developed the National Meal Guidelines specially for over 65s and our meals are designed with older Australians in mind, whom have different nutritional needs. Meals on Wheels Services across the State can help you to meet ... more details

What is the nutritional value of bananas?

7th Nov 2018

Did you know that the word BANAN is Arabic for finger and that bananas originated in Malaysia? Bananas are not only nutritious, they come already ‘wrapped’ so they are easy to pack and carry. We know that bananas are easy to eat and a... more details

Let’s look at Magnesium

1st Nov 2018

Magnesium is very trendy at the moment. Magnesium oil in particular is everywhere, from local pharmacies, in online stores, supermarkets and even my local beautician! So, why the focus on magnesium, and should we all be taking it, or rubbing it on? W... more details

Lesley Wynne

12th Oct 2018

Meals on Wheels – A nice thought that a meal will be delivered to the door It’s not always easy to forget to be independent—but every Tuesday, Lesley Wynne loves the feeling that comes when she remembers that a meal is arriving to... more details

October Long Weekend 2018

14th Sep 2018

Monday 1st October 2018 is the October Long Weekend and Meals on Wheels will not be delivered on this day. If you require any extra meals for this long weekend we can arrange to deliver frozen meals to you with your meal on Friday 28th September or o... more details

Older people have different nutritional needs

9th Aug 2018

Older people have higher requirements for protein, calcium and Vitamin D than younger adults.  Eating a wide variety of foods, with regular meals and snacks will help to ensure you are getting  all the nutrients that your body needs for goo... more details

How do I get Meals on Wheels?

9th Aug 2018

We are funded to provide service to people who are frail aged, younger people with a disability and their carers. You, or someone you nominate, can call Inverell Meal on Wheels on 6722 1951 to enquire about meal services. All clients aged 65 and ove... more details

Monthly Lunch at Cooinda

2nd Aug 2018

Here are some photos from a recent lunch at Cooinda... more details