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About Us

The Inverell Senior Citizens Association was formed in 1962 with meals being available on site following the purchase of the existing premises. The first meals were delivered to clients in 1964 and the ongoing need for this vital service continues strongly today.

Inverell Meals on Wheels helps to prevent malnutrition, which makes older people more vulnerable to illness and disease. Ensuring older people are well nourished is essential if they are to stay fit and well, and Meals on Wheels have traditionally played an important role in this.

Meals on Wheels are so much more than just a meal. It is, for many, a social life line. The delivery of a meal brings regular human contact that eases the isolation and loneliness many elderly endure. It also provides much-needed wellbeing and safety checks, crucial for those that may not see anyone else during the day.

Inverell Meals on Wheels enables the vulnerable and elderly to live independently in their own homes for longer, keeping them nourished and hydrated with a nutritious daily meal  and providing an essential preventative service. We provide hot, chilled or frozen meals with deliveries by friendly, local volunteers on a daily or weekly basis. Our menu offers a large selection and our clients have the flexibility to choose from 3 meal options per day.